Melburnalia No. 2

The captivating companion piece to White Whale Theatre’s acclaimed 2007 production Melburnalia

Written by a new quintet of outstanding Melbourne writers – Andrea James, Hoa Pham, Danny Katz, Kit Lazaroo and Aidan Fennessy – these specially commissioned short works form a single theatrical journey through the decades, over the fences, under the awnings and into the collective psyche of our city.

Weaving civic history with urban myth Melburnalia No. 2 will take you on a rattling, screeching, ding-ding-dinging ride that reveals lost piggeries in the north; parental angst in the east; waiting exiles in the west; suburban symphonies in the south; and a forsaken magic hidden at the heart of it all.

Cast of Melburnalia No. 2 Showing at:
45 Flinders Lane

8pm: 20-23, 27-30 May, 3-6 June
5.30pm: 24, 31 May, 7 June

9662 9966 or
$26 (full) $20 (concession) $15 (preview)

Director: David Mence
Creative Concept/Producer: Kelly Farrow
Assistant Director: Brooke Antulov
Dramaturge: Melanie Beddie
Ensemble: bryan Andy, Margot Fenley, Grant Foulkes, Fanny Hanusin, Shane Lee and Shireen Morris

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