Play Soundings Program

Next sounding: to be confirmed

Play Soundings Program Overview

150 Gertrude St

First Wednesday of every month or as advertised
@ 8.00pm

The basic idea is to read a play (as much new work as possible) every month.

More than that, it is a healthy way to bring our actors, designers, creators, crew, friends, and interested parties together for a regular social occasion. It provides an avenue to meet new people who may want to work with the Whale and allows us to trial out scripts that we like and think may be suitable for production. Hopefully, it will also provide an opportunity for playwrights to listen to their work out loud as opposed to seeing it on the computer screen. Above all, it should be an exciting, engaging, fun and somewhat boozy way to spend the first Wednesday of every month!

If you'd like to read, to recommend a play for reading, or submit a script that you've written, please contact us.

2008 Soundings

Dantes, 150 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


Gogol, The Marriage

Directed by Brooke Antulov

“All you can do is lie around the whole day like a stuffed marmot. Once you get yourself a wife you'll be a changed man... the things they have, brother, the devil only knows what they are!”

A classic St Petersburg tale, sharp, and satirical. A dissection of courtship and cowardice: a sly matchmaker, an indecisive bride and a groom reluctant to give up his bachelorhood compete with four high-standing suitors. A quirky and playful comedy that can only end in disaster!

Ananth Gopal
Ben McEwie
Erin Oliver
Jen Grace
Julia Harari
Billy Smedley
Rob Wilkie
Robbie Negro


Harold Pinter, The Birthday Party

Directed by David Mence

“You're dead. You can't live, you can't think, you can't love. You're dead. You're a plague gone bad. There's no juice in you. You're nothing but an odour!”

Contradictory, ambiguous, set in a dilapidated boarding-house with only one boarder, The Birthday Party is a wickedly comic piece in which poor old Stanley's birthday metamorphoses into a Kafkaesque nightmare in three glorious acts.

Peter van der Merwe
Craig Annis
Peter Reid
Anna Carmody
Alex Aldrich
Gareth Yuen


Friedrich Durrenmatt, The Physicists

Directed by Richard Pettifer

“We consider you to be the greatest physicist of all time. But just at the moment all I'm interested in is my dinner.”

Einstein, Newton, and Mobius trapped in a madhouse. It sounds like a bad joke, and yet Friedrich Durronmatt's The Physicists, written in 1961, remains one of the most seditious examinations of morality in science.

Emma Kingsbury
Laura Maitland
James Tresize
Brooke Antulov
Ananth Gopal


Shan Khan, The Prayer Room

Directed by David Mence

“All the bad shit – she didn't need it no more – cos she got Allah innit.”

Prayer Room is about a prayer room (duh!) in a British public school and the challenges of sharing the space between the school’s Christians, Muslims and Jews. A brilliant theatrical conceit in which global religious conflict is rendered in microcosm, the play was a major hit at the Edinburgh Festival in 2005.

Jono Wood
Michael Finney
Rob Marshall
Erin Oliver
Brooke Antulov
Richard Pettifer
Gareth Yuen

2007 Soundings

Glitch Bar, St Georges Street, North Fitzroy

Timberlake Wertenbaker, Our Country's Good

Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People

Howard Brenton, Bloody Poetry